Sustainability is central to the identity of Overt. We want our products, packaging, and sourcing to reflect our pledge.  We commit to using responsibly-sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, and sustainable partners in the production of our world-class skincare.


Our products are made with recyclable or biodegradable products. From the box it is shipped in to the bottle it's packaged in, all of it can be recycled appropriately. Find the instructions for recycling your Overt products here.


So much of what we produce comes from nature. We need to source sustainably to respect the environment and live up to our brand values.

That is why we commit to the auditing of our supply chain to ensure that what we use is sourced with the best sustainability practices. This includes avoiding controversial or exploitative ingredients in our products.

Carbon Emissions

We use sea shipping to minimize the impact we have upon our environment. Long-haul sea shipping generates 47x less greenhouse gas emissions as air shipping, per ton-mile.

We look for every chance to reduce our carbon emissions throughout our supply chain. This includes transportation of our product.