There are an estimated 40.3 million people in global slavery. That is 1 in every 200 people. Whether they are women forced into prostitution, men forced to work in agriculture or construction, children in sweatshops, or girls forced to marry older men, their lives are controlled by their exploiters, they no longer have a free choice, and they have to do as they’re told.  

They are in slavery.

Why Slavery?

Part of our commitment to transparency includes transparency of our supply chain. We know that if every company took the same steps we do to ensure ethical sourcing and supply chain integrity, much of what consists of modern day slavery would not exist. This is why fighting against the exploitation of people feels like a deeply personal mission, and one you join us on with every purchase.

Our Mission

We pledge to donate 10% of our annual profit to Anti-Slavery International. We believe slavery has no place in the 21st century, and want you to join us in fighting the root causes of human exploitation.

Every purchase from Overt Skincare contributes directly to Anti-Slavery International's cause.

Our Partner

Anti-Slavery International is the world’s oldest international human rights organization, founded in 1839. They target the main causes of slavery and work to protect those most vulnerable.

They work with companies to audit their supply chains and ensure they remain transparent and accountable. We believe this is incredibly important work.